The Beginnings of a Plan

Ok – Now that I have decided I am actually going to do this, the next step is to put a plan together. 

What do I need to do to accomplish this impossible goal? 

I think if I put my shoes on right now and began seriously training from this exact moment, it would take me at least 2 years to get in the physical condition required to accomplish this distance. Given what you already know about me from my previous post, I am a procrastinating non-runner, so I will add 2 more years to this training schedule. 

4 years to reach my 50-mile goal. 

I will be 45. Waaaayyyyy before I turn 50! Yes! That leaves 5 more years to accomplish other “50” goals before I turn 50 (visit 50 countries, run 50 individual races, visit all 50 states…the possibilities just go on and on. Big smile here! Although my husband probably just had a mini-stroke reading those words. What the hell else is she going to put me through, he is thinking!). 

The scary thought is my oldest kids will almost be finished with high school by the time I run this race. Yikes! 

I have started browsing 50-mile training plans. Immediately, I want to throw up. I have to be running 40-50 miles per week consistently for a long time on these plans. Most of these plans start from a 20-mile run base. That seems impossible. I’m lucky to run 15 miles spread out over one week now. 

Ok Shannon, don’t get overwhelmed with the impossibilities, I tell myself. Start with what you can do now. You can run a half marathon. Start with that. 

Step 1 – Register and train for the Long Beach Half Marathon, October 2020

After that, train and run a marathon. 

Step 2 – Register and train for the Big Sur Marathon, April 2021

That’s it. 

That’s all you have to do for now. 



One foot in front of the other. 

Put down your second cup of coffee, drink some water, get dressed and go for a run. 

That’s all you have to do. 

We’re taking this one (literal) step at a time. 

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